At Patz & Hall, we are dedicated to crafting benchmark Chardonnays that articulate the nuanced depth and character of this legendary wine grape. To create these wines, we work alongside some of California's most renowned winegrowers — including such icons as Larry Hyde and Lee Hudson — to source the finest fruit. In the winery, we strive to honor the expressive personality of each vineyard, and every new vintage, to produce lush and compelling Chardonnays with an authentic sense of place.

Salon Society Wines:

Patz & Hall crafts a number of appellation and single-vineyard designate wines, as listed to the left. Each year during the blending trials, James identifies two or three lots of both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir that stand out in flavor and quality from all others. These small lots of wines are bottled and released exclusively to Salon Society members.