Gary, Mark and Jeff Pisoni

Pisoni Vineyard

Like several of the winegrowers we work with, Gary Pisoni comes from a multigenerational farming background. His grandfather was one of the first farmers to grow lettuce in the Salinas Valley, and members of the Pisoni family are still dedicated farmers today, cultivating approximately 1,000 acres of vegetables, including lettuce, asparagus and broccoli. As respected as they are as vegetable farmers, the Pisonis have become almost legendary as winegrowers. After traveling to Europe and learning about winemaking and viticulture, Gary Pisoni planted Pisoni Vineyard in the late 1980s. A longtime home winemaker, and a gifted winegrower, Gary has turned a passion for Pinot into one of California's most coveted and acclaimed vineyard properties. Like Gary himself, grapes from Pisoni Vineyard possess a memorably appealing, exuberant and hedonistic charm.

Pisoni Vineyard, Santa Lucia Highlands, Monterey County

Pisoni Vineyard is an iconic site, located in the far southern hills of the Santa Lucia Highlands, which run along the western edge of the Salinas Valley in Monterey County. Situated on a long sloping hillside facing east and southeast above the main valley, Pisoni Vineyard is unquestionably one of Monterey County's defining sites. This is a cool area, perfect for the unique clone of Pinot Noir grown by the Pisonis. The Pisonis are one of California's most gifted winegrowers, and this vineyard has a well-deserved reputation for producing Pinot Noir grapes that possess an almost otherworldly level of power and flavor. The first planting of Pinot Noir went in the ground at Pisoni Vineyard in the early 1980s, and we are fortunate to source our fruit from this coveted "old field." The source for one of our most acclaimed single-vineyard bottlings, we have been crafting vineyard-designated wine from Pisoni since 1997.