Lee Hudson

Hudson Vineyard

Hudson Vineyard was founded by Lee Hudson in the 1980s. Widely considered one of the grand cru sites in Carneros, we had been hoping to work with fruit from Hudson Vineyard for years when the opportunity finally presented itself in 2005. Today, we are fortunate to share a prized block with Lee himself. Hudson Vineyard is located in a small valley, in a cool section of Carneros. The location offers some shelter from the wind. Our 4-acre block of the vineyard features well-drained Haire loam soils and is planted to two clones, Dijon 95 and the Hudson-Wente selection (which as the name implies, was isolated by Lee himself). The vines reflect modern viticultural thinking, with close spaced rows designed to produce low yields of intensely flavored fruit. The Hudson-Wente fruit is thick and textured with a pear-apple, leesy-hazelnut quality, while the Dijon 95 clone displays vibrant acidity and fresh aromatics of lime peel, pear and honey. Adding to the appeal of this great vineyard is the fact that it is predominantly farmed using sustainable and organic techniques. We bottled our first single-vineyard wine (wine-club only) from Hudson Vineyard in 2005.